A thespian, actor, martial artist, writer, director, stunts and fights choreographer. His films have won many various awards worldwide.

Currently in Pre-Production to get the comedy film: “Wager Danger” (Story by Mery Bernabei) and (screenplay by Rami Hilmi), filming in early 2019.

Start filming “Artifacts of Fear” playing the role of ‘The Which Hunter’, directed by Rusty Apper.

His latest projects out this year: “I Need Money”, “For Your Eyes Only”, “There’s no Such Thing as Zombies” & “The Overground


(2014)/VI Hero (Short) (completed) as Yellow Tracksuit Man (as Ryan Hunter) 

(2018) Die Gest: Flesh Eater as Jonathan (segment “Poison Lover”) 

(2017) Blaze of Gory: Abort (Short) 

(2017) Discarnate as Aleksandre Hopkins (a.k.a. Ryan Hunter) 

(2016) Clinical Trial (Short) as Nigel Damaged 

(2016) Blaze of Gory as Boris (segment “Abort”) 

(2016) Talk of the Dead (Short) as Paul in Troxadil commercial / Zombie in Briatore commercial 

(2016) Grindsploitation as Eli (segment “Impotent Killer”) (a.k.a. Ryan Hunter) 

(2015) The Dossier as The Governor 

(2014) A Killer Conversation as Karl 

(2013) Dark Country (Short) as Van Bolen 

(2012) Letter to Obama as Police Officer 

(2012)/I Rose as Baldo 

(2011) The Turning as Quaid Hess 

(2011) Monitor (Video) as Hooper 

(2011) Mesocafé as Dr. Mazin al-Wasati 

(2010) Psychopaths as Kurk Morgan 

(2010)/I Secrets as Sabri 

(2010) Shades of a Killer as Steele 

(2010) Crimefighters as Danny Cage 

(2010) To Unwill a Heart (Short) as King Yvor 

(2010) Tour de Force as Neil 

(2009) The Midnight Drive in Presents: Stay Out of the Woods (Short) as Deputy Daniels 

(2009)/ II Tormented (Short) as Robert Saxon 

(2009) Halloween: The Wake as Sheriff Blake 

(2008)/ IV Rose (Short) as Blondie 

(2008) Colin as Helpful Guy with Crowbar 

(2008) Spirits of the Fall as Mark 

(2008) End Transmission (TV Series) as Lucas 

(2008) Body of Lies as Attendant Syria (uncredited) 

(2008) Keepers of the Gate (Video short) as Ahmed Basheer 

(2008) Exploitation as Kurk (a.k.a. Ryan Hunter) 

(2008)/ II Tortured (Video) as Kurk 

(2008) Deadly Pursuit as Lozanno 

(2007) Demon Scroll (Short) as Kyle 

(2007) Troubled as William Knot 

(2007)/ II Hush (Short) as Ned 

(2007) Extraordinary Rendition as Khalid, Prison Guard (Rami Hilmi) 

(2007) KillerKiller as Wallis 

(2007) Guilty Conscience (Short) as Matt 

(2006) Suspicious Mind as Simon Todd 

(2006) See It Through as Corporal Eddie O’Keefe 

(2006) Seconds from Disaster (TV Series documentary) Black September- Munich Olympic Massacre (2006) … Black September 

(2006)/ III The Audition (Short) as Jack (a.k.a. Ryan Hunter) 

(2005) The Men in White as Steve Arios 

(2005) V for Vendetta as V Army Member (uncredited) 

(2004) The Killing Game (Short) as Simon