The Ultimate Recycling Battle ‘Wager Danger’

Pre-Production Update

‘.. Nothing is what it seems!’

With the climate change and the global warming crisis upon us, this small film production aims to raise awareness about taking care of our environment in the best way we can: sometime is a vocation, sometime can be just the result of a bet! 

This witty, wicked, action packed comedy with plenty of twists and back stabs shows how a small neighborhood turns residents one against the other, all in the name of the environment. It is a proper recycling war with battles that will take down the participants one by one, until only one will triumph!

Filmed in the quiet coastal town of Lee on the Solent (Hampshire) this film comedy joins originality and humor to promote something that should be important to all of us ‘The Environment’. 

A crowdfounder page has now been launched to fund the filming, promotion and the submission of this small film comedy to the UK and International’s Film Festivals. Visit the page to help raise valuable funds for this small film production

The Cast

Chums Productions and All You Can Eat Films is congratulating and welcoming the talented ‘Wager Danger’ cast:

behind the scene update

  • All the locations for the shooting have been secured.
  • The film will be filmed on Blackmagic 6K state of the art camera with the legend Director of Photography Jason Impey (Dark Nights with Poe and Munro / A Billion to One / Rose)
  • Rainy Rixon as 1st AD (Ted Bundy Had a Son / A Billion to One), who has a wealth of experience, passion to bring on the set.
  • Special Effect / Prop Making master David V.G. Davies (Blaze of Gory / A Killer Conversation / Monitor).
  • Multifaceted Maestro & Music Composer Rusty Apper (The Dossier / Tour de Force / Spirits of the Fall), will be composing music that will fit the atmosphere and the tone of the film.
  • The amazing Executive Producer and Adviser Phil Charette (Discarnate / Revenge), is currently In-talks with investors in-hope of securing funds for our comedy film.


If you are an actor interested in featuring in the film or a producer, get in touch by emailing to 

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‘Wager Danger’ Production Update

CHUMS PRODUCTION & All You Can Eat Films is now casting for the short film production ‘Wager Danger’

CHUMS Productions & All You Can Eat Films are now in planning stage for its first film production: ‘Wager Danger’ that commences filming in Spring – March 2020. All roles to fill locally from Lee-On-The-Solent, Gosport, Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth and other Hampshire areas.

The filming dates will be:
Thursday the 19th – Sunday the 22nd March
Thursday the 26th – Sunday the 29th march

Two pick-up days on the following weekend in April Saturday the 4th & Sunday the 5th.
Although a budget is being currently discussed to back the film, the project currently set as expenses paid only, helping to build a strong bond with the crew and cast for the future film productions to follow after.


Cornelia is a cunning smart and beautiful wife who always knows how to get her way and get what she wants. She is thoughtful, calm, intelligent and in control of the action that goes on. She knows how to push her husband buttons and to what extent for her own little amusement and satisfaction. She’s on a mission… to win.

Arlo is a lovable, kind, nice husband who puts up with his wife’s white humorous cruelty, with a heap of patience. He is wise enough to know, better to let things slides sometimes, instead of causing friction. He takes life as an adventure until a dangerous bet with his wife escalates to surreal situations.

Tatty Man / Mr. Brimm is the new resident of this fine community. A squatter who have moved from the city of London to the south, due to finding the city too crowded for his liking so migration was the option for a more prosperous squatting life. He hates war and loves peace!

Angus is known as the Scrooge of the neighbourhood. If there is a money prize to be won somewhere, then be sure he would have a way to know about it and he’ll be there to win! He will be fighting with every fiber of his body, fiercely to win that prize. He’s a knowledgeable wise old man who hates to seeing how some residents tarnishing the good name of his beloved community, and sees the worst in everyone.

Doris is the typical Mrs. Bucket of the neighbourhood. Busybody old Lady, in her mind she is the envy of her neighbours. She prides herself to be the best at everything she does from her house garden, plants to her sparkly polished front door and windows. She wants to be recognized as the most environmentally friendly person in her community’s eyes. However, she is not exactly one of the Friends of the Earth thing.

The Judge: Suave, immaculate looking man and up-beat, has a positive outing with air of authority, a man of power, his word is final. A real Professional, far too focused on the important judging task at hand to notice his assistant’s amorette looks and subtle sexy ways with him, that all none existing for a man on an extremely important mission.

The Drudge and The Stooge are two employees of The Judge, one is fed-up low wage man worker, who happens to be the only one who accepted the temporary weekend job that been offered to him as overtime for 1.25% extra. Unlike the Drudge, the Stooge loves his job and believes in the competition. He is overly willing to do the dirty work to please The Judge.

The Assistant: A middle age attractive / sexy woman, the assistant for The Judge, who dresses like a 25 years old woman, showing her nice figures, all for the sake of capturing the Judge’s attention. She has a strong crush on him and always trying to steer his attention.

Some of the listed cast and crew have supported and worked with Rami throughout the years on countless projects. However, we are still going through the submission, to find our leading Male: ‘Arlo’ and leading Female: ‘Cornelia’ and the The Judge’s female assistant: ‘Donna’.
Also we are on the look out for further crew to join us on this project: Sound Engineer, make-up artist, boom operator and production assistant.

If interested, email

The Overground (Post-Production)

Director: Norberto Morán

Stars: Max KleinNorberto MoránRami Hilmi

The Overground is based in real experiences. In 2003, the director of the film met a few people whom less than a year later were accused of killing about 200 people by blowing up commuters trains. The place where the director met them which was used for the accused to have private meetings, never have been named neither in the court nor in the mass media. At that time, the director of the film, phoned the number given for the authority to research any information but he was never called back. After 13 years, despite the trial court, there is still doubts about the authors.

Wager Danger

When a competition among neighbours gets out of control, a silly game becomes one last battle for supremacy. What everyone thought was just a normal good citizen’s duty to keep the environment clean, it turned out to be a mercilessly recycling war that sees Arlo, a submissive husband bullied by his despotic wife, competing against ruthless next door neighbours until only one will survive.

Endless twists, conspiracy, betrays and back stubs in a refined comedy that better shows the true colours of what it seemed to be a well respected residential community neighbourhood. 

‘When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going..’

Never underestimate the power of determination — M.B.