About Rami Hilmi

Rami Hilmi was born on September 25, 1975 in Hampshire, England. He is known for his work on Extraordinary Rendition (2007), Crimefighters (2010) and A Killer Conversation (2014). 

The Professional Formation

Versatile and talented, Rami Hilmi has initiated his career by enhancing his skills through formal dramatic education, acquiring also formal preparation through theatre companies’ acting conservatory and theatre arts programs. As student, RH took college classes in both drama and film-making, including classes in dance and music to prepare for his career as an actor.

Acting Training

RH has on his shoulders many years of practice to develop the skills needed to be a successful actor. As any professional actor, he constantly work to improve his acting and his training is ongoing and never truly finished. RH continues to refine his acting by taking new roles every time. From each and every different role, Rami pushes himself to learn something new for each one and use the experience to carry the new skill over the next role. During his career he was required to sing or dance, learn to speak with a number of different accents and to execute specialist action as martial arts moves, weapon handling and gun shooting, and horse riding. As many aspiring actors, he began his career by participating in local theatre productions, television show and film, starting out in smaller roles within independent movies and working his way up to bigger productions.

Acting Qualities

Sensible and Creative. RH bases his acting on the interpretation of his characters’ feelings and personalities. He research his characters’ personal traits and circumstances to portray the characters more authentically to the audience in the most compelling way.

Flexible Thinking. Rami Hilmi has an acute cognitive skills when come to memorise lines, rehearse and perform on stage or in front of the camera. He can memorise many lines before filming begins and often memorise scripts with little notice, or memorise revised script even if written just moments before filming.

Persistent and Motivated. RH has participated to many audition for many roles and films and constantly pushes himself to seek new opportunities to pursue new roles.

Physical stamina. Active and fit, RH endures any physical role and task he undertakes, performing complex and physical scene, if required. He understands that acting requires many hours of work, including acting in more than one performance a day, and he ensures to show commitment and energetic engagement each time.

Script Reading and Speaking Skills. RH is able to interpret a writer script to fully understand how to develop a character. He has proven to be an articulate speaker, saying the lines clearly, projecting his voice, and pronouncing the words so the audiences can understand.

Specialist Skills

Skilled in variety of weapons handling and use due to the various careers and Martial arts disciplines he have trained over the last 3 decades. Disciplines varies from Judo, Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do (holding 3rd degree Black Belt & met the founder who took one class in our ITF school general Choi Hong Hi), to achieving high ranks in other disciplines such as Wing-Chun (trained under Si fu Kevin Chan), Shaolin Chin Woo northern Style (trained under Master Yo Kwan Lee who also was Ray Park aka Darth Maul Master), was a member of the UK Shaolin Temple (Training under Shi fu Shi Yan Min) , and Tai Boxing.

A lover of air and flying, is currently undertaking flight lessons, progressing to achieve his Private Pilot Licence (PPL). Also a lover of animals and riding horses. Speak, read and write fluent English & Arabic, and currently learning and progressing in Italian.