The Ultimate Recycling Battle ‘Wager Danger’

Pre-Production Update '.. Nothing is what it seems!' With the climate change and the global warming crisis upon us, this small film production aims to raise awareness about taking care of our environment in the best way we can: sometime is a vocation, sometime can be just the result of a bet!  This witty, wicked, … Continue reading The Ultimate Recycling Battle ‘Wager Danger’

‘Wager Danger’ Production Update

CHUMS PRODUCTION & All You Can Eat Films is now casting for the short film production 'Wager Danger' CHUMS Productions & All You Can Eat Films are now in planning stage for its first film production: 'Wager Danger' that commences filming in Spring - March 2020. All roles to fill locally from Lee-On-The-Solent, Gosport, Fareham, … Continue reading ‘Wager Danger’ Production Update

The Overground (Post-Production)

Director: Norberto Morán Stars: Max Klein, Norberto Morán, Rami Hilmi The Overground is based in real experiences. In 2003, the director of the film met a few people whom less than a year later were accused of killing about 200 people by blowing up commuters trains. The place where the director met them which was used for … Continue reading The Overground (Post-Production)

Wager Danger

When a competition among neighbours gets out of control, a silly game becomes one last battle for supremacy. What everyone thought was just a normal good citizen's duty to keep the environment clean, it turned out to be a mercilessly recycling war that sees Arlo, a submissive husband bullied by his despotic wife, competing against … Continue reading Wager Danger