Rami Hilmi is the Co-founder, Director and Artistic Film Director of Chums Productions & All You Can Eat Films. Chums Productions is a small entrepreneur film production company based in the south coast of England.

Chums Productions & All You Can Eat Films focuses on the production of shorts films and features. Comedy, thriller and horror are the themes for this small production.

THE TYRO (post-production)

The Tyro is a 25 mins short to be filmed in Lee on the Solent in Sept 2020. The Tyro is the story of a young fighter seeking revenge for his father. To defeat the champion he looks for the help of a retired master, who will teach him the true essence and balance of the traditional discipline.

A story and script of Rami Hilmi, this film is based on nothing but hursh reality. This is the real story of when Rocky meets The Karate Kid.

screw 2020 (coming soon)

A story and script of Rami Hilmi, Screw 2020 is a 20 mins short that highlights all the worst of a Global Pandemic. Written in three segments or short stories, it tells the story of what we have all expereinced in the time of the lockdown in the most comic and cinical way possible.

Screw 2020 is the true reflection of a global comic pandemic, raw and nude at its natural. Reality and humor joined in a incredible fully fun pack comedy.

Wager Danger (production on halt)

Wager Danger was planned to be the first premier production of Chums Productions for 2020. It was programmed to be filmed in the small coastal town of Lee-on the-Solent (Hampshire). The production is now postponed.

Written by Rami Hilmi, this comedy tackle the environmental topic of ‘Recycling’ in the most wicked and humorous way possible.

Other productions

Hush (Short)

Starring Peter Coster and Rebecca Herod. The film was a huge success been played on Sky Television running for over 2 months period. An early morning jogger is chased through the woods by a man who appears to be set on raping her but the story twists on it’s head and the victim become the aggressor.
Tagline: The Trees aren’t the only twisted things in the woods.


The show played in Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) /
GBS Theatre.