The Tyro (Pre-Production)


COMEDY | SHORT 15 mins

Director/Writer: Rami Hilmi Producer: Mery Bernabei

Executive Producer: Tomasz Jurgielewicz

pre-production info

Given the current situation of uncertainty, the possiblity of new spikes in number cases or a second wave that could put us in lockdown again, the production thought to avoid any risk and decided to produce a short that could allow us to maintain social distancing measures in place at all time so that the safety of our cast and crew can be guaranteed.

‘The Tyro’, a 15 minutes short, is currently planned to commence the filming the first week of September, and to minimise any risk of COVID-19 infection and possible disruption to the production, we have decided to keep the number of cast and crew to a minimum so that there will be a maximum of 4 people throughout the filming. We have invited only the core crew to join for the shooting and the cast will be kept to only two actors from the local area.

Rami Hilmi has taken the challenge to act and direct this short so the Team is safe at all time throughout the filming.

The tyro synopsis

Everest, a young fighter seeks revenge for his father, who defeated by the unbeatable champion dies during his last fight. Everest is ready to fight and take the title but his motivation is not enough to win. He needs somebody who can help him mastering the art and techniques of the traditional discipline to beat the champion. After a long consideration, Orsen, a retired Master, takes Everest under his wing on a revealing journey to understand the true essence of this fighting art. Through hard training, swet and tears, a new fire is lighted up in Everest’s heart, he is now ready to face the champ.

meet the cast

Rami Hilmi as Everest Flint Guthrie (The Tyro)

Rami Hilmi a.k.a. Ryan Hunter is Everest. Rami will be directing and acting in this short comedy and his vision of this character is more than just an act. He is The Tyro.

He knows how hard it is to train and master a discipline that has been handed down through generations. He is a fighter and not a quitter. He never gives up and he is ready to take the challenge to the next level.

David Cradduck as Orsen Constantine (The Trainer)

David Cradduck has been acting since he was a teenager and is best known for his stage appearances with several local theatre groups in and around Hampshire UK. He is a character actor and has played many lead and supporting comedy roles such as Tom in ‘Tom Jones, Lord Emsworth in ‘Oh Clarence!, Toad in ‘The Wind in The Willows’,  the Hatter in ‘Alice’ and one of the clowns in ‘The 39 Steps’, as well as straight roles like Fagin in ‘Oliver!’, Cooper in ‘A Month of Sundays’ and the Inspector in ‘An Inspector Calls’. He has been involved with film and TV work for four years as an SA (Supporting Artist). Film credits include ‘Death on the Nile’ (2020),  ‘Dolittle’ (2020), ‘Rocketman’ (2019), ‘Last Christmas’ (2019),’On Chesil Beach’ (2017) and TV series ‘His Dark Materials’ (2019), ‘Poldark’ (2018) and ‘Harlots’ (2018). His screen acting roles include short films ‘Letting Go’ (2019), ‘Lonesome Harmony’ (2018) and ‘Lily Shipman’. David has appeared in three episodes of BBC 1’s documentary-drama series ‘Close Calls on Camera’ (2019-20) and was producer and location manager for a Bond spoof stage/screen hybrid ‘Diamonds are For Trevor’ (2019). He has directed three stage plays, including Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Confusions’.

StarNow: Mandy: IMDB: Showreel: Twitter: @David_Cradduck Insta: david_cradduck_actor

Rudy Barrow as Lex Lynx / Commentator #1 (V.O.)

Rudolph Barrow, stage name Rudy Barrow, born 8th September 1964, started out as a film extra back in the 1980’s and is now a confident Actor, Director and Producer, Rudy has the ability to make audiences believe he is the character being portrayed. Rudy Barrow is known for his work on Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019), The Brink (2019) and Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

StarNow: Mandy: IMDB: Showreel: Twitter: @RUDY911T

V. Williams as ‘The Sting’ (The Champion)

Jason Impey as Fred / Commentator #2 (V.O.)

meet the crew


Straight after studying Jason became a freelance filmmaker at the age of 19. In 2004 at an early stage of his film-making career he won best film for the zombie themed flick – ‘Zombies in the Wood’. After 2 years of making many short films and finding success in gaining festival and TV screenings of the various shorts he moved on to make his first full length feature film ‘Sick Bastard’ that has ended up with a number of DVD distribution deals. Jason has carried on to make a great deal more short and feature films in which most are available world wide. He has created a lot of work in the horror genre in which he has become most known for but also created some very hard hitting social dramas. As well as all this film-making he undertakes Jason also works a facilitator, camera operator & editor for film workshops across the UK giving the opportunity to other people to learn the art of bringing your vision to life using moving image.


When in 2009 she embarked in a 2 year course which covered all forms of writing, her tutor Stephen Loveless a screen and playwright, saw her passion for this genre and invited her to work on a film as a runner, which he had written and co produced.  She was asked to go for 2 days, but 14 days later working 20 plus hours a day she was hooked. This was where her passion for film making began. Her organisational skills on set were highlighted and after 4 days and she was promoted to 1st Assistant Director.  Ever since the first film she has been asked to 1st Assistant Direct on numerous independent films.  In addition, from that initial film other actors/actresses saw her organisational skills and subsequently asked her to stage manage theatre plays.  This has been for both professional and amateur dramatic companies. Although she has a passion for film making, her greatest past time is for writing.  She has written various sitcoms and a thriller. The thriller was written in 2011, which is now at the beginning of pre production.  Her thirst for learning about the industry in depth was paramount before embarking on her journey.