Wager Danger (Postponed)

..Nothing is what it seems!

Comedy | FILM

Director/Writer: Rami Hilmi Producer: Mery Bernabei

Executive Producer: Tomasz Jurgielewicz

Stars: Melissa Stanton, Daniel Ryves, Rudy Barrow, Paul Kelleher, James Hare, Norberto Moran, Sue Bartlett, Simon Masterman, Gavin Smith, Lottie Goodchild, Josephine Cook-Clark, Jenny Pearcey, Dean West & Coco as ‘Coco Bella’ and Mort as Bevies.

Walk-on Stars: Phil Tomlin & Neve, Krzysztof Wroblewski & Jakub, Robert Neville, Gareth Davies, Stacey Willmott, Beverly Fell, Janice Neville, Iwona Wroblewska, Tomasz Jurgielewicz, Kin Pang, Wai Chan, Lucia Bernabei and Hossam Youssef.

Wager Danger Synopsis

When a competition among neighbours gets out of control, a silly game becomes one last battle for supremacy. What everyone thought was just a normal good citizen’s duty to keep the environment clean, it turned out to be a mercilessly recycling war that sees Arlo, a submissive husband bullied by his despotic wife, stuck in a unreal situation with him and his wife competing against ruthless next door neighbours until only one will survive. ‘Wager Danger’, betrays and back stabs in a refined comedy that better shows the true colours of what it seemed to be a well respected residential community neighbourhood.

meet THE Cast

Melissa Stanton

Melissa Stanton is an actress, known for Spirits of the Fall (2008), Discarnate (2017) and Skins (2007). Melissa trained at The Academy Drama School and is an actor and puppeteer with 25 years experience. Melissa can currently be seen in the Netflix series Haunter, where she plays a nurse battling a patient suffering from Demonic Possessions. Other acting credits include Don Giovanni at the Royal Opera House, Casualty, a barmaid in Skins, Midsomer Murders, Doctor Who, a national tour of Midsummer Nights Dream and Alice Wonderland, and a KFC commercial. Her first puppetry job was fro an adult puppet show for Channel 4 called Pets. From there, she went on to work with famous TV star, Sooty, on his theater tour and she has been his right hand girl for nearly 20 years. Her other credits include Scripture Seekers, a puppet show which can currently be seen on Inspirations TV, Father Nandru and the Wolves (at Wiltons Music Hall), working at Land of the Dragons at Chessington World of Adventures and playing the Hand Tounged Frog in a film created by a Make a Wish recipient, operating a puppet built by the Henson Creature Workshop.

Daniel Ryves

Daniel Ryves is an actor, known for Fight the Good Fight (2017), Border Control (2020) and Fortvna (2016). Daniel has just over 4 years of acting experience, ranging from SA (Support Artist) to playing lead roles in TV productions and commercials etc. Best known for his roles as the infamous Wolfgang Schmidt and Harry Roberts in the TV series ‘World’s Most Evil Killers’ and ‘British Police Murdered on Duty’. Daniel’s played comedic roles in various films, in commercials for Visit England, Protect Line, British Marine and Paulton’s Park to name a few.

Rudy Barrow

Rudolph Barrow, stage name Rudy Barrow, born 8th September 1964, started out as a film extra back in the 1980’s and is now a confident Actor, Director and Producer, Rudy has the ability to make audiences believe he is the character being portrayed. Rudy Barrow is known for his work on Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019), The Brink (2019) and Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

James Hare

James is a versatile and creative supporting artist and actor who likes to bring his own particular method and style to each role he takes on and each character he plays. He enjoys working across multiple genres in TV, Film and the Internet. He is keen to be involved in supporting, featured and voice over roles in independent projects, commercials, features, short films, web series and television. James is best known for his featured roles in television shows such as SS-GB (2018) and Downton Abbey (2013) and feature films such as Transformers V: The Last Knight (2017) and most recently the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody (2018). In his most recent role he plays the part of Councillor Harris in independent feature film Falkland Square (2020). Other recent roles include sleazy club owner in the upcoming feature film by Edgar Wright, Last Night in Soho (2020), and as an opera goer in Joss Whedon’s new television series The Nevers (2020).

Paul Kelleher

Paul Kelleher is an actor and producer, known for Capture the Flag (2015), Homefront: The Revolution (2016) and Alien: Isolation (2014). Paul was born in Boston USA and studied acting in New York at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. After achieving various TV, film and stage credits in both New York and Los Angeles, Paul migrated to the UK where he has been a professional actor and voice-over artist since 2005. He has numerous film, TV and voice-over credits to his name. The recent  feature film  “Cocaine. Gangster. Talk”, in which he co-stars as CIA Agent John Marty, is now available on You Tube; and the feature film “The Devil  Made Me Do It”, in which he co-stars as mob priest Fr. Fredonna, has recently become available  to view on Amazon Prime (TV), free to subscribers. His next feature film, currently scheduled for release in February, is the thriller “The Ant Farm”, in which he stars as Richard Avery. He is also known for co-starring as the voice of “Grandad” in the Paramount Pictures animated feature film “Capture the Flag” (2015) and as the voice of the farmer “Earnest” in the popular on-line farming game “Hay Day”.  Paul is a long-term  member of Actors Equity (UK & US), Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the North American Actors Association (UK).

sue bartlett

Sue Bartlett is a stage actress with plenty of experience in theater shows and the TV series Chalkhill as the lead character ‘Rosie Grove. Drama has been a major interest in her life and she has been involved in amateur dramatic societies ever since schooldays, enjoying a variety of parts such as Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit, the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet and Sister George in The Killing of Sister George. Highlights include appearing alongside professionals in two community plays at Chichester Festival Theatre and a production of Macbeth in which she played 4 roles. She also had film experience playing a lead role in a locally based soap opera shown on You Tube and the Community Channel on early digital TV and been an extra in 3 music videos. Her professional work has involved being a member of a Murder Mystery company and performing in plays put on by local production companies.

Lottie Goodchild

Lottie Goodchild is a professionally trained actress. She uses the skills she has learnt to create ‘characters’ whilst posing in front of a camera so she can really become someone within the photos she takes. She adores photographs that really tell a story and this is something she now strives to achieve within her own work/portfolio.There are so many beautiful subtleties to the camera that can be read in so many ways.

Jenny Pearcey

Jennifer was born in the West Country the eldest of six and moved to Hampshire at age 23 for work, at that time she knew just one person  locally. She has lived most of her life in the country side, close to the sea,  which are two of her loves. Jenny is outgoing gregarious, romantic, and with a great sense of humour, however with a creative side and business sense. Jennifer’s career could not be further from film having spent most of it working in Financial Services as a representative  travelling most of the country. Now having recently turned 60 she has  taken semi retirement to explore new interests, meet new people  and travel. She feels part of the community in Lee on the Solent having lived here the past 7 years.  Another of her passions are the  ever changing scenery at the beach in Lee and taking photos of this, the other is her dog Poppy and walking. Maybe one day she will write a book, something that’s been in her thoughts as a project for the future.Watch this space…she now has time on her hands… to make things happen.

Norberto Morán

Norberto Morán is an actor and producer, known for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), I need money (2017) and Gardening (2015).

Simon Masterman

Simon is a Senior Business System Analyst with a great passion for the film industry and acting but absolutely zero experience. However, his good look is just perfect for the part of The Drudge. He has definitely got the face!

Dean West & Coco

This super awesome duo will bring plenty of fun in the film! Full bio coming soon..

Josephine Kook-Clark

Josephine is known for playing Puck/Duchess, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM/ALICE IN WONDERLAND, on a stage playing Constance/Milady, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, and other Theater playing like THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, Alice, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and many more..

Gavin Smith

Gavin smith is an actor/comedian who has been performing professionally for over 15 years, touring as an actor playing in a multitude of productions, playing many different roles from Bilbo Baggins to captain Hook, to the lead role in hamlet. Gavin has Co written touring shows and as a character comedian currently working on a new sketch show and writing new live material.


Rainy Rixon – 1st Assistant director

Lorraine Rixon is originally from an IT specialist background, she decided in 2007 to take up a hobby and always wanted to try acting.  So she went on a 2 year acting course which covered in particular stage. However, the nerves took hold, even though she was told that she was a natural actor, this was too much to bare! A fellow actor advised her to consider doing a Leicester University Creative Writing HD.  So in 2009 she embarked on the 2 year course which covered all forms of writing, however she discovered script writing for screen was her passion.  Her tutor Stephen Loveless a screen and playwright, saw her passion for this genre and invited her to work on a film as a runner, which he had written and co produced.  She was asked to go for 2 days, but 14 days later working 20 plus hours a day she was hooked. This was where her passion for film making began. Her organisational skills on set were highlighted and after 4 days and she was promoted to 1st Assistant Director.  Ever since the first film she has been asked to 1st Assistant Direct on numerous independent films.  In addition, from that initial film other actors/actresses saw her organisational skills and subsequently asked her to stage manage theatre plays.  This has been for both professional and amateur dramatic companies. Although she has a passion for film making, her greatest past time is for writing.  She has written various sitcoms and a thriller. The thriller was written in 2011, which is now at the beginning of pre production.  Her thirst for learning about the industry in depth was paramount before embarking on her journey.

Jason Impey – Director of Photography

Straight after studying Jason became a freelance filmmaker at the age of 19 in which he wears many hats including directing, producing, writing, cinematography, acting and editing. In 2004 at an early stage of his film-making career he won best film for the zombie themed flick – ‘Zombies in the Wood’. After 2 years of making many short films and finding success in gaining festival and TV screenings of the various shorts he moved on to make his first full length feature film ‘Sick Bastard’ that has ended up with a number of DVD distribution deals. Jason has carried on to make a great deal more short and feature films in which most are available world wide. He has created a lot of work in the horror genre in which he has become most known for but also created some very hard hitting social dramas. As well as all this film-making he undertakes Jason also works a facilitator, camera operator & editor for film workshops across the UK giving the opportunity to other people to learn the art of bringing your vision to life using moving image.

Rusty Apper – Music Composer

Rusty Apper is a veteran of the independent film scene and a musician/composer in his own right. With a long list of projects completed and in development, Rusty continues to be busy either composing for film and tv or out on tour playing live.

David V G Davies – Special Effects

A professional SPFXMUA and prop maker, David is the Co-Director and Producer of Blaze of Gory,  Animal Soup and director of Monitor (AKA The Damocles Foundation). David has always been a fan of fantasy and horror and has been lucky to have worked within the field on numerous levels, he now creates custom props and sculptures out of his valleys based HQ which he has fondly called, ‘Castle Grayskull’. You can find David on instagram as @FTShadows 

Sonia Bernabei – Storyboard

Sonia Bernabei is a professional cartoonist and storyboard artist with over 30 years of experience in the printed and digital cartoon industry. She is also a talented painter and sculpture artist experimenting with ancient and modern clay techniques. She is now launching her own clay studio and her creations are an absolute pleasure to see.

Charlotte Fell – Stills Photographer/Continuity

Charlotte Fell is a sixteen years old with the passion for photography and filming. She is currently in school working towards her GCSEs. However, in her spare time she tries to learn more about photography hoping in the future to pursue a career in the film industry. Charlotte she has plenty of other hobbies apart from photography, such as cycling, listening to music, cooking and baking.

Jordan Saxon – Sound Engineer

Jordan has worked with various audio as hobby over the last 5 years, mainly electronic music production and some live music production. This is his first role as a sound engineer for a video production and e s very excited in testing and developing his skills in a different area of audio. He believes that sound is almost as important as video when it comes to building tension, atmosphere and to enable a production to have maximum impact.

Guy Saich – Technical Advisor

Guy joined the BBC in 1982 as a sound engineer, working in the main sound control room at Broadcasting House, as well as in the sound continuities for Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4. In 1988, he moved to Television Centre, working on the main national news output, gaining a wealth of experience in transmission and lighting. With the closure of  BBC’s Lime Grove studios, and the move of Breakfast and Newsnight to TV Centre, he became a lighting director in the early 1990’s. Since that time he has worked on flagship programmes, such as the BAFTA award winning Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Breakfast, Newsnight, Breakfast with Frost, Andrew Marr, BBC World and Politics Live, to name but a few. He moved to Lee-on-the Solent 5 years ago. Guy has recent lectured in lighting at Portsmouth University.

Phil Charette – Adviser