The Ultimate Recycling Battle ‘Wager Danger’

Pre-Production Update

‘.. Nothing is what it seems!’

With the climate change and the global warming crisis upon us, this small film production aims to raise awareness about taking care of our environment in the best way we can: sometime is a vocation, sometime can be just the result of a bet! 

This witty, wicked, action packed comedy with plenty of twists and back stabs shows how a small neighborhood turns residents one against the other, all in the name of the environment. It is a proper recycling war with battles that will take down the participants one by one, until only one will triumph!

Filmed in the quiet coastal town of Lee on the Solent (Hampshire) this film comedy joins originality and humor to promote something that should be important to all of us ‘The Environment’. 

A crowdfounder page has now been launched to fund the filming, promotion and the submission of this small film comedy to the UK and International’s Film Festivals. Visit the page to help raise valuable funds for this small film production

The Cast

Chums Productions and All You Can Eat Films is congratulating and welcoming the talented ‘Wager Danger’ cast:

behind the scene update

  • All the locations for the shooting have been secured.
  • The film will be filmed on Blackmagic 6K state of the art camera with the legend Director of Photography Jason Impey (Dark Nights with Poe and Munro / A Billion to One / Rose)
  • Rainy Rixon as 1st AD (Ted Bundy Had a Son / A Billion to One), who has a wealth of experience, passion to bring on the set.
  • Special Effect / Prop Making master David V.G. Davies (Blaze of Gory / A Killer Conversation / Monitor).
  • Multifaceted Maestro & Music Composer Rusty Apper (The Dossier / Tour de Force / Spirits of the Fall), will be composing music that will fit the atmosphere and the tone of the film.
  • The amazing Executive Producer and Adviser Phil Charette (Discarnate / Revenge), is currently In-talks with investors in-hope of securing funds for our comedy film.


If you are an actor interested in featuring in the film or a producer, get in touch by emailing to 

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