About Rami Hilmi

Rami Hilmi a.k.a. Ryan Hunter is one of the most versatile actors in the independent movie production sphere. His acting career stretches from horror films, drama, thrillers and actions, working within a variety of roles that go from small independent movies to bigger productions.

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Film Reviews

(2012) Directed by Kemal Yildirim

ROSE is a Van Gogh Award Winner (Amsterdam Film Festival 2012). Recognised for his Cinematic Vision Kemal is deemed as “one of the world’s most innovative and talented contemporary filmmakers. Demonstrated by your work, this is recognition that you richly deserve.” Gina McClain, Amsterdam Film Festival Director.
ROSE was also officially selected and screened at the London Independent Film Festival 2012 and Portobello Film Festival 2013. “Thanks for making such a great film.” Erich Shultz, London Independent Film Festival Director.

No review of Rose would be complete without tipping one’s hat to actors Eileen Daly (Yondra, a retired prostitute), Lucy White (Magdelena, a statuesque heavy) and Rami Hilmi (Baldo, a mindless stooge), along with several relative unknowns who add texture and intrigue to Rose’s life story.


(2009) Directed by Jason Impey

Tormented is another film from Jason Impey and is a very competent short that he also wrote, edited and produced. The editing is good as the movie flows seamlessly from scene to scene with beautiful, natural lighting that never seems forced or fake and the acting by the films only two actors (Rami Hilmi from Tortured also shows up as Robert in this film) is good also.

Plot in one sentence: A maniac kidnaps Faye, a seemingly innocent girl to take revenge.
What works:
Certain moments of brutality did feel orgasmic, appealing to a misogynist in me; Pacing is good, film never feels drawn out; -some nice cinematography;

Acting is a lot more confident than in previous Impey efforts.
Rami Hilmi and Helen Clifford did a credible job with their parts. The bulk of the film really rests on their performances


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